ViBE, Darth Flexx & Garbanzo are the "GEEK BROS" providing their special brand of commentary on all geek-tasic news, entertainment and media! Exclusively on YouTube! "Geeking Out Never Looked So Good!"

PWNED! Video Game Wars

"TheoStar" and "JoeyFire" battle each other in a KidTV web series inspired by the gaming nation! It's going to be EPIC!

Holly Dayz

Follow Holly and company on her wild adventures as she travels around the world in search of good food, good times and shade from the sun! A Vibe Revelation Studios digital media collaboration! "Luggage NOT Included!"


Vanne and JillyGoods are the "GEEK GIRLS" providing their FABULOUS social commentary on all Geeky-Girl-tasic news! "Geeking Out Never Looked So FABULOUS"

Childish Critics

Theovani & Joesph are the sophisticated "Childish Critics" reviewing the best trailers for upcoming and highly anticipated movies.


The "GEEK BROS" revealing the contents of their monthly Loot Crates and random mystery boxes in this spin off YouTube web series! Watch every minute because you never know what they'll give a way!


You knew them as "JUGGz & BALLz" now experience these "FRIENDz w/ ISSUEz" like you've never seen then before! Through random SnapChat filters! Welcome to "SNAPCHATTER" a ridiculously random YouTube web series!  

Keepin’ Up With The GEEK BROS

"GEEK BROS" provide their special brand of social commentary on all "geek-tasic" entertainment news, events, TV shows, movies and so much more for your auditory pleasure! Want to see their smooth buttery voices? Then watch their weekly podcast video recap series exclusively on YouTube! 

SHUT UP! I Love It!

Join a random assortment of Vibe Revelation Studios cast members in their most random YouTube web series yet, as they REACT to the latest movie trailers, movie & odd TV ads, comically REVIEW them and REPEAT the process all over again. Welcome to "SHUT UP! I Love It: React, Review, Repeat"

Last of the Nice Guys

Joe & Jason & Manny are...the Last Of The Nice Guys! A gentleman’s podcast discussing friendship, love, relationships, betrayal, heartache and everything else bestowed upon us when dealing with the opposite sex!